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Intermountain Retiree Decisions Video Page


Introduction to Intermountain Retirement Video Series:
This video will introduce the concepts that will be covered in the Intermountain Retirement Decisions Checklist Packet.

Pension Elections:
This video gives an overview of the different options you will have when making your pension election, and gives pro’s and con’s to each decision.

Healthcare Continuation:
This video will go over the options to continue your health, dental, and vision insurance under Intermountain after retirement.

Supplemental Life Insurance:
This video will discuss the options for life insurance supplements in retirement through Intermountain, and goes over a strategy that we commonly use.

Additional Retirement Accounts:
In this video we will discuss options and answer questions with regard to 401k’s, 403b’s, 457’s, IRA, Roth IRA’s, and any other retirement accounts you have.

Social Security
In this video we will give an overview of the things you should know and consider when preparing to start your social security benefit.