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Telton Hall

Telton W Hall, CFP® 

"Providing a Simple & Elegant Wealth Management Experience Designed to be Indispensable to Successful Families"

"Providing a Simple & Elegant Wealth Management Experience Designed to be Indispensable to Successful Families"

Registered Financial Consultant™
Investment Advisor Representative
Financial Advisor

Licenses, Registrations, Affiliations:
CFP®, RFC®, Series 6, 7, 63, 66, Utah Real Estate License, and Life and Disability Insurance licensed.



“Part of our life experience shows up in our work. This personal experience from my life will give you the clearest insight into my core values as it relates to securing your financial well-being.”

My Story:

During and coming out of college three enormous doors of opportunity swung open for me. First, I was seriously considering becoming a college basketball coach. That is a difficult industry to get into, but, as I was playing for Coach Evan's at SUU, he pulled me aside and said, “Telton I like your smarts, and I like your work ethic. If you're serious about this profession then, I'll keep you around to coach with me.” I had been around college basketball minds from Indiana, Wyoming, and California enough to know that they called SUU “The Coach Factory.” Coach Evans and I worked out the details of an arrangement, and if I wanted it a major door of opportunity was opened to me.

Regarding my education I was having tremendous success. Around age eight my mom taught me that there was someplace other than the bank to save money for education or church mission expenses that were over a decade away. From then on I began investing in stocks, funds and business enterprises. In college I became licensed and started selling investments and term life insurance. For my level of associate, at one point I was “Top 5 in the Nation.” My mom's guidance early on, my understanding of the financial planning, IRA and 401k rollover field, and my clients' trust that I truly cared about their well-being opened the door to pursue a career in financial services.

The other facet of my education was my dedication to becoming an English Professor. I was having success in that pursuit. My creative non-fiction' story “Mullets, Maltballs, and The Boardshorts” – was published in a national writer's journal. My successes in the classroom led to being named Outstanding Graduate in English Education, and graduating Summa Cum Laude. That door of opportunity swung wide for me.

As I lifted my eyes to the sky in gratitude during this time, I simultaneously clasped my hands and bowed my head under the weight of deciding the best course of action. My answer came when I learned about you: This generation of retired and retiring individuals, the challenges you face now, and the difficulties you will face going forward. When I thought of the unparalleled good that teachers and coaches do in the world, I was surprised by the strong confirmation I felt to pursue financial planning and wealth management and I knew powerfully in my heart that HERE, in THIS career, with those that I came into contact, I would have the most profound positive impact.

Why it Matters to You:

Since 2008, the “Great Recession,” and the troublesome recovery this business has been hard. It's been a hard time for you; it has been a hard time for financial advisors. Advisors have left the industry in hordes. They have said there is an easier way to make a living, and I have asked myself “Why am I still here?” The answer is this: The difficulties that retirees are facing and the tremendous difficulties they will face have not eliminated nor reduced my ability to make that profound positive impact that was so essential to me and you – To the contrary, because of current and future tremendous adversities, that capacity to have a huge positive impact for those that I accept as clients has expanded enormously!

With that in mind, I am convinced the standard approach of financial advisors will not be sufficient to meet client's needs in the trying times ahead. Instead of working with several hundred clients like other advisors, I have reduced my focus to a select group and I only allow ten new clients a year to work with me. I'm convinced that this high level of personal commitment from me to devote my expertise and time to a select few clients is the only way retirees will be able to get through the substantial challenges that retirees face. Clients have left their long-time 'traditional' advisor who they liked. However, because they intuitively feel things are different now than the last 30 years, they want my protection based investment approach, my much more personal service level and close consultative relationship.

During the first meeting with me - the “Discovery Meeting” - you and I will explore if you are one of those individuals that years ago I knew I would come into contact with in order to have a profound positive impact on your life. I look forward to meeting you.

Enjoy a simple, elegant wealth management experience that protects and aligns your assets with your deepest values, highest priorities, and most important goals. Call Telton Hall, CFP® today at 435-263-0550 for your FREE initial Discovery Meeting.


Below you will see a diagram of my Consultative Wealth Management Process. It is the result of a diligent dedication to perfecting client meetings into a Simple and Elegant Wealth Management Experience that is Indispensible to Successful Families.

The Foundation of this approach is a unique initial Discover Meeting process, where I truly understand your Highest Priorities, Core Values, Important Relationships, Other Advisors, Interest, and your Most Important Goals. This level of understanding is essential to avoiding costly gaps in your investment plan.

The Capstone of the plan is accomplished over time through the development and implementation of Advanced Planning. By consulting with Your Advisors and my Expert Professional Network we will work together to systematically determine, address, and update the critical elements of your tax mitigation, estate transfer, liability protection, and charitable giving needs.

Please review the Consultative Wealth Management Process below. Don't hesitate to give me a call with any questions as this process truly is a thing of beauty in securing your financial well being.

Through this Process, Telton Hall, CFP® helps guide you from a place of uncertainty to a place of security.

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In order to provide the highest quality expertise and service to my clients I focus my expertise on a select group of successful individuals and families where I feel I can have a significant positive impact. I find these specific groups particularly benefit from my specialized focus and expertise:

1- Managing Matriarch's (Widows, Divorcees, Single Women, and Caretakers)

The definition of “Managing Matriarch,” I use in expert research interviews and with clients is: A women in her 50's or older who is organizing and administering her personal and family financial affairs. This could be because you are widowed, divorced, have not married, or, have a loved one such as a spouse or parent whose health is failing. As part of this group of women, you face unique and significant challenges. I find a great deal of fulfillment in helping successful managing matriarchs, like you, become aware of and address these challenges through my commitment to simple solutions and superb ongoing client service. (See my article “Avoiding the Whirlpool of Despair for Widows, Divorcees, and Caretakers” under Telton's Publications)

2- Successful Retirees or Those Planning their Retirement, particularly those selling a business or from these institutions: Utah Retirement System, FERS, SUU and PacifiCorp.

For retirees and those on the cusp of retirement, I have found that protecting your assets toward your secure retirement income is one of your highest priorities. An understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of retirement benefits from your employer coupled with knowledge of resources outside your employer puts you in a position to come to educated conclusions on these life changing choices. Also, delivering a way for you to feel confident the amount you will receive in retirement will accomplish your lifetime goals and feeling confident that you will be rewarded with increased retirement income for each year you plan to wait is a focus of my expertise for you.